COR Group- Youth Ministry

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    • Welcome the COR Youth Ministry!
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      All 8th grade students, and high school students are welcome!

      Youth Minister: Fr. Joe Cwik
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  • This year our theme is Discerned Living. In Acts 17:27, we hear of the reason God created each of us: "to seek Him, and to find Him." Following the teachings of St. Ignatius, the youth group will have the opportunity to learn how to encounter God and strive for holiness in daily life. His teachings will help us become great decision makers, both in our faith and in our daily lives. While, of course, having fun! Come join, as we live Acts 17:27!

    COR meets at 5:50pm to 8:00PM.
    Next Meeting October 29th, 2023.

    What is COR Group?
    Here at Our Lady of Mercy, our high school youth group is called "COR" group. COR, short for 'heart' in Latin, is found in the Latin word Misericordiae- meaning mercy- and mercy is the foundation of our group, as well as our parish's namesake. We strive to be the faces of mercy to our families, our friends, on our athletic fields, and in our classrooms. COR strives to build community through prayer, fun, and authentic friendships. It is through this community that we, with our fellow teens, can navigate the unique challenges that high school brings and prepare for other life transitions that come our way. It is in this community that we can be comfortable and confident to find support in Christ with our peers by our side. It is in this time of discovery and growth that we seek opportunites to encounter God in each other and the the beauty of the Catholic Church.

    For more information about the above contact:
    Fr. Joe Cwik

    9200 Kentsdale Drive, Potomac, Md.  20854-4529
    Phone:  301-365-1415 ext. 135

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